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How To Buy Band Backdrops For Your Band

Band backdrops should be a must for any band, no matter the size of your gigs. A band backdrop that is designed right can help rocket your band to stardom and make a huge impact with your audience. So, how can you buy a band backdrop that will help propel your band’s image?

Here’s some guidelines for buying the best band backdrop for your band.

1. Pick the right backdrop material. In our experience printing hundreds of stage backdrops, we have found that the most popular material for bands is 70/30 vinyl mesh, a high quality vinyl that allows for sound to pass through and prints artwork beautifully. To learn more about vinyl mesh, click here.

2. Budget the right way. Your band may not need a stage backdrop – a pair of 6’x6′ band scrims may be perfect for you size shows and may make a bigger impact with your setup. On the flip side, a band backdrop may be just the right thing for your gigs, when smaller stage scrims don’t look big enough on stage. Either way, these decisions will impact the cost of your band banners, so it’s important to consider your options. Northcoast Banners is experienced in these areas and we’re happy to help  – click here to email Mendy with any questions  or call 734-680-7902 (direct).


3. Stage  presence is everything. The same applies to your band backdrops. For every move you do on stage, remember that your audience will see all your moves in front of a larger band backdrop that can literally make things look very different on stage. The stage backdrop sets the tone and creates a scene even before you make a move. So bear all this in mind and consider your artwork, the color contrasts and size of your band backdrop when you buy.

To buy a band backdrop or to learn more about which band backdrop works best for your band, contact us today and we’d love to help.

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