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What Size Is Best For Stage Backdrops And Band Scrims?

Stage backdrops are a surefire way to brand your band and make a impact on stage. But what size band backdrop is ideal for your shows?

How big are the venues where your band plays?

1. Firstly, it’s critical that you think of the venues where you will be playing most often. Are they smaller nightclubs and bars, or large venues and outdoor spaces? If your band just starting out with smaller venues, you should consider smaller band scrims for your shows. These stage banners are perfect for smaller spaces, and even if you get a few big gigs, they can easily make in impact on stages at wide open festivals as well. 6’x6′ stage scrims (or amp scrims) are very popular with many bands, large and small. 8’x10′ stage backdrops are also a great size to use in a small venue as a backdrop.

6x6 stage scrims

However, if your band plays at packed outdoor venues or large clubs and bars, you should consider our popular sizes for larger venues, such as a 15’x20′, 20’x25’, or larger. We can print any size band backdrop or festival banner – just ask us for the custom size you need.

20x25 stage backdrop

What stage set up do you prefer for your band banners?

2. Consider your stage setup. Some bands prefer smaller stage scrims that can be placed on either side of the drummer or in front of the speakers as amp scrims. Bands that often play outdoors and at big shows should consider large stage backdrops that set the stage with a 15’x20′ or 20’x25′ size backdrop with a stunning logo of your band. With big stage backdrop, you can instantly convert the stage space into an awesome representation of your band.

Band Banners

Do you tour often?

3. It’s also important to think about how often your band travels, whether you like carrying a lot of gear, and about setup and teardown time. If you prefer super easy setup and teardown for your stage banners, you our 6’x6’s can be setup in less than one minute using our quick and cost-effective stage stand video. These stage scrims are large enough to make an impact, and small enough to set up easily and smoothly.

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If your band uses a large stage backdrop, you can easily hook it up on stage with the grommets that we include free of charge on our banners (you can also opt out of grommets). This process may take longer at new venues and different kinds of stages, so make sure your band has done it’s homework before your show.

We’re happy to help you with your choice of sizes for your stage backdrops and assist you and your band with a killer setup on stage. You may email us at or call or text Reece at (480) 704-4330

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