Best 2 Types of Mesh Banners For Stages

When you’re looking at setting up banners on a mobile stage or any indoor and outdoor event, there are several key factors that will ensure your stage banner or backdrop has the best effect on stage. These include the designsize, and materials. But for outdoor stages, such as Stageline SL 250, SL 320, Apex stages, or other mobile stages, there are only two options that we recommend you use for your stages.

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1. 70/30 Blowthrough Vinyl Mesh Banners

Blowthrough mesh banners for your stage banners and backdrops is a must. The mesh is an open weave of mesh and the space between each strand, so if you were to look at one square inch of blowthrough 70/30 vinyl blowthrough mesh, you’ll find that it is 70 percent material, and 30 percent holes. This blend allows wind – and sound – to flow right through the material.

With so much wind passing through your mesh, the load on the stage is reduced greatly and your event will be much safer for attendees. Stage collapse is a very real concern and using banners that are solid vinyl pose a greater risk to your event.

70/30 vinyl blowthrough mesh banners is a perfect balance of just enough material to allow your graphic art to clearly visible, and still allow for air to flow through. For 90% of our outdoor events, our customers choose 70/30 mesh. Here is a recent event below with 70/30 vinyl mesh blowthrough.

2. 30/70 Blowthrough Vinyl Mesh

In high wind situations, such as beach events or in windy cities, you’ll need to go even lower down to 30/70 blowthrough mesh banners. This material is 30% material and 70% holes, allowing far greater windflow.

However, your graphic art is also considerably less visible: in every square foot, only 30% of the area is your art design, the rest of the area is nothing but space. Stil, the eye justifies the difference from a distance so if you are in a high wind area, you’ll be fine. Here are some photos below of 30/70 blowthrough mesh banners.