Cloth Banners
and Cloth Backdrops

Cloth banners are the ultimate gold standard in backdrop printing. With vibrant color representation, high definition colors and the lightest weight in the banner material family, cloth printing will ensure your brand looks bright, sharp and attractive to your consumers.





Cloth Banners and Cloth Backdrops

Did you know that only 47% of consumers can pick out your logo after seeing it several times, in a lineup of logos? And only 7% can draw an Apple logo with three or fewer errors?

Marketing studies have shown that despite our optimism for our brand recognition, only a surprising few actually retain it in memory. That’s why our cloth banners, with their vibrant colors and enhanced visuals, are becoming increasingly more popular among our indoor events.

Printed on dye sublimated Celtic cloth, cloth banners are an excellent option for large format banners that will be used indoors. They are lightweight, coming in at less than half the weight of vinyl mesh.

Ease of Travel With Cloth Banners

Cloth banners can easily be folded and stored for convenient travel. Think of a bed sheet – your cloth banner is a high end material that will fold up nice and small, wherever you need to go. You can fold them up and stick them in a suitcase, a backpack, or just about any other packing bag.

Cloth Banners Can Be Washed In The Washing Machine

Cloth banners can even be washed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. Since the ink is dye sublimated into the cloth, you don’t have worry about the colors running. Dye sublimation – for those attracted to the geeky details – is a long, time-consuming process where the Celtic cloth material actually sits in the banner. After the ink is set, the banner goes through a heat sealing process that ensures the banner remains vibrant and bright, for years to come.

While there are various materials that can be used for printing cloth backdrops, such as poly poplin, after years of trial and error we determined Celtic cloth as the gold standard for your cloth banners.

As a higher end solution, the cost of cloth banners is higher than your cost on mesh banners and mesh scrims. If you are traveling with your banners, or you need colors that will pop so much more vibrantly, cloth is the way to go. There is no downside of creasing that tends to happen with mesh when using cloth banners, regardless of how you pack or store it.

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