Crowd Control Banner

Use roll banners on fences to brand your crowd control barriers.

Are you throwing an event – a race, a festival, a parade – or another gathering where you must effectively and properly manage the safety of a group of people? Plastic Roll Banners make great crowd control banners, while also promoting your brand throughout your event.

Using Crowd Control to your Advantage

Crowd control fences are necessary natural barriers that direct crowds, regulate lines, and even barricade off specific areas. Crowd control fencing is essential to event safety. Well-placed barriers ensure that staff members are able to perform their duties without interference, and even more importantly, allow safety personnel to effectively do their job.

But have you ever thought that your event fencing could be something more than functional? Something more…fabulous? With crowd control banners, fencing and crowd control railings can provide a unique advertising opportunity.

It’s true – turn drab to fab by covering your crowd control fencing with brightly printed plastic roll banners, proudly displaying your specific logo and messaging. It doesn’t matter how tall you crowd fencing is, plastic roll banners come in various sizes to fit your needs. We can print Crowd control banners at 18”, 24”, or 36” tall.

Crowd Control Banners Cover Your Event with Your Brand

Plastic roll banners allow brands to display their logos throughout the event, without making participants search high and low for the information. By attaching roll banners to fences, blockades, or even trees, plastic roll banners will not only beautify your space. Barrier banners assist with controlling your crowds, all while utilizing previously untapped advertising space!

Flexible and durable, plastic roll banners allow you to completely cover your event venue with your logo and messaging. Plastic barrier banners are disposable, and easy to take down once your event is over. Using plastic roll banners as crowd control banners automatically commands the attention of your crowd and eliminates any question of who is throwing or sponsoring your event.

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