Digitally Printed Vinyl Roll Banners – Infinitely Flexible with Quick Turnaround

The “Many Uses – Many Times” Vinyl Roll Banner

  • Our tough Digital Roll Banners are the solution to the problems of getting your word out in a hurry and reusing your banners as your testing new design concepts.
  • Digital printing allows you infinitely variable design options so you can incoporate logos, text, and graphics on different banners within the same roll banner.
  • What a great way to ensure your design “works” before committing to it for the long run!

Some Differences Between Digital Roll Banners and Plastic Roll Banners

We LOVE printing plastic roll banners, but many of our clients find digital rolls to be a good alternative to plastic rolls. They give us the following reasons.

For Digital Roll Banners:

  • There are no plate fees for digital roll banners. For plastic roll banners, 24″ plates average $295 per color. Some people find this fact very persuasive.
  • The minimum run for digital roll banners is so much shorter. Our minimum run for Plastic Roll banners is 2,000 ft. Our minimum run for digital roll banners is 50 ft.
  • The turn around time is much shorter. Digital roll banners ship in 3 work days versus 3 weeks for plastic roll banners.
  • With digital roll banners, there is no limit to the number of colors you can use in your art.
  • We can alternate logos AND print photographic images as well when we print digital roll banners.

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