Disposable Barrel Covers

Use plastic roll banners As Disposable Barrel Covers to cover your event in your brand.

Throwing an event is no easy feat. You have a million things to keep in mind – from staffing, to funding, to safety protocols, weather concerns, and everything in between. Sometimes the last thing on you mind is where to get disposable barrel covers.

Plastic Roll Banners As Disposable Barrel Covers

Plastic roll banners are a simple choice for your disposable barrel covers. Cost effective, durable, reusable and versatile, plastic roll banners from NorthCoast Banners are the answer to all of your needs – advertising and beyond.

You can wrap plastic roll banners around various types of barrels. They can be used on tent weight barrels, trash cans, plastic drums, steel drums, and permanent concrete fixtures. This lets you bring your branding with custom printed barrel covers.

Branding Trash Cans With Barrell Covers

Any well planned event will have trash barrels strategically placed all throughout the grounds – from entrances and exit points, to food and beverage locations, to restroom and toilet facilities. Trash barrels, in other words, are of the essence. But what’s chic about trash? Nothing.

Herein enter your plastic roll banners, which will enable event organizers to turn trash into treasure. Using plastic roll banners as trash can covers, your trash receptacles, previously deemed eye sores, now turn heads and command attention. Custom printed barrel covers display your event branding and sponsor logos on these previously mundane, but incredibly useful, pieces of equipment.

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