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Choose how you would like your banner finished. All banners feature reinforced hems, all four sides. Please note: If you are choosing cloth banners, and will be using a stand to hang your banner with the pole pockets, then we recommend NOT including grommets as they can pull on the banner awkwardly as it hangs, as you can see in this example here.

Which material should I choose?

The vinyl mesh is good if you play outdoor shows. The small holes allow the wind to pass through it. The cloth material is our most vibrant printing option - because it doesn't have the small holes in it, the image will really pop. It is also durable and foldable and won't crease, and it is easy to travel with - you can fit it in any travel bag. Conversely, vinyl mesh is bulker, and should be stored by rolling it up to reducing creasing. Cloth is most popular, unless you play a lot of outdoor shows. Ask your sales representative if you have any questions, or check out our Cloth Band Banners vs Mesh Band Banners page here.

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