Plastic Roll Banners – The BIG THREE Considerations Impacting Their Costs

If you (or your clients) are interested in dramatically stretching your promotions budgets, plastic roll banners may be the breakthrough you are looking for. Under the right circumstances, plastic roll banner are far and away the most economical means of delivering your company’s (or clients’) message to large numbers of people at events. They allow you to splash your marketing message all over your concerts, sporting, radio station and/or motor sports events, political rallies, etc. at a fraction of the cost of traditional vinyl and screen printed banners.

How cost effective are they? In many cases plastic roll banners are 1/10th the cost of traditional vinyl and screen printed banners – or less. It is common for us to deliver plastic roll banners for less than $.15 (that’s right, 15 cents) per square foot.

Are plastic roll banners the perfect banner solution in ALL situations? No. Because they are printed using Flexographic Technology, there are technical and start up considerations that must be factored in to the cost equation. Every printer must deal with these considerations. There is no way around them.

What are the technical and start up considerations that must be factored in to pricing your plastic roll banners? We call them “The Big Three”. They are:

  • Number of colors in the Roll Banners
  • The size of the Roll Banners
  • The length of the run

There are other considerations that can add to the costs of printing plastic roll banners, including rush order charges, non-standard roll lengths, special inks, special slitting and trimming fees, etc, but 90+% of the time, “The Big Three” considerations determine the costs of printing your plastic roll banners.

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