Plastic Roll Banners for Race and Event Crowd Control

As we all know, crowds can get a bit out of hand sometimes. Because of this, it’s good to create crowd control fences to set up safe boundries for people. After all, everyone benefits from safe boundaries. Luckily, plastic roll banners can be used for crowd control while spreading your branding message.

Crowds line up outside The Lion King in New York

Plastic roll banners affixed to barriers can direct crowds, regulate lines, or even barricade off specific areas while at the same time communicating your marketing message. Attach them to fences, blockades, or trees. Roll banners will beautify your space, control your crowds and utilize free advertising space!

Holding crowds back at the finish line

Remember! If you are using your roll banners for crowd control, do not perforate them. Perforated plastic roll banners are designed to tear easily – and you don’t want your crowd control banners tearing easily. For more information about plastic roll banners and their uses, please give us a call at 800-231-4213.