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5 Reasons to Use Digital Roll Banners at Your Next Event

Digital roll banners are a great way to stand out at any event. Unlike traditional fabric banners or heavy vinyl banners, these plastic banners can be set up in seconds and don’t require any special tools for construction. They’re also perfect if you need an easy-to-transport banner that won’t spoil or rip as paper prints would. 

Plastic banners are sturdy enough to last for years but are also recyclable, so you can feel good about using them once and tossing them in the recycling bin when you’re done. There are just so many reasons why digital roll banners are fantastic for events. We went ahead and narrowed the list to 5 reasons why we think you should use digitally printed plastic roll banners at your next event.

1. Digital Roll Banners have Short Runs

Digital plastic roll banners are great for events because unlike one large banner, you can use them to cover a lot of space. But what if you need more than a couple of large 10-foot banners, but you don’t need thousands of feet of coverage? Then digitally plastic roll banners are the perfect choice! The minimum order is just one 250 foot roll. Order as many -or as few- as you need. 

2. Flexible Color and Art Choices

Unlike traditional printing methods that use print plates, digital roll banners don’t have such limitations. Therefore, you can print a much wider variety and number of colors without impacting your overall cot. That means you can have a vibrant or complicated logo or artwork and won’t need to worry about simplifying it to save on printing costs. 

3. No Plate Fees

Traditional print methods use custom print plates, which come with an initial cost. Luckily, you won’t incur additional costs to reuse the same plate, but that can be limiting. What if your event logo changes slightly from year to year? What if you want to include the date? With digitally printed plastic roll banners you don’t have to commit to a plate you won’t be reusing, so you can change your logo on each order. 

4. Quick Turnaround Time

In a perfect world, we’d all have events planned way in advance. But that’s not always reality! Luckily, digitally printed plastic roll banners have a turnaround time as short as one week for production, plus shipping. Meaning we can get your banners to you very quickly! 

5. Digital Roll Banners Make a Splash

Saving the best for last, the reason you really need to use digital roll banners for your next event is that they are so great! They’re easy to use, make a big impact to share your brand, and they are disposable once the event is over. Our digital plastic roll banners come in a variety of different lengths and can feature any graphics you desire. 

With high-resolution printing, your banner will look great from any distance.  So whether you’re looking to attract attention at the entrance of your event or want to be easily seen from across the room, our plastic roll banners are the key to a successful event. And since our Digital plastic roll banners are made of waterproof material, they are perfect for outdoor events. They won’t be damaged by rain or wind and will stay looking great all day long.


Plastic roll banners are a great way to make your event stand out. These banners can be used outdoors or indoors, and they come in different shapes and sizes. They are also available in multiple colors which makes them perfect for any occasion! And with all the benefits that are specific to digitally printed plastic roll banners, you need them for your next event!

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