Selling Roll Banners

7 Things You Need to Know When Selling Roll Banners

Are you a reseller looking to sell high-quality branded items to your customers? You may be missing out on a huge potential for selling roll banners!

We’ve found that many branding retailers aren’t familiar with this versatile product that could be a popular item with great resale margins. Read on to learn everything you need to know about selling plastic roll banners to grow your business and support your customers. 

Pricing for Selling Roll Banners

The first thing that comes to mind for most businesses when considering if an item is worth selling is the price. For plastic roll banners, the pricing is based on the height and length of the roll, as well as the printing method and the number of colors. To get the most accurate quote, it is important and necessary to collect the following information. 

Size and Amount

To help determine the size or amount of banners they need, there are some questions you can ask your customers.

How much do they need? If they’re using the plastic roll banners in a limited capacity, they may only want to purchase one or two rolls. However, if they’re using the banners for a large event, or multiple events throughout the year, they would benefit from placing a larger order and taking advantage of discounted pricing for multiple rolls.

Colors and Art Complexity

When selling roll banners, the better you understand the requirements, the better you can assist your customers. When it comes to banner art or logos, there are a couple of printing options.

If the artwork is very complex and uses shading or more than 6 colors, you will need to order digitally printed banners. Digital presses offer a lot more flexibility, and there is no up-charge for more colors or more complex art. 

However, traditional flexographic presses can be a more cost-effective option if the artwork is simple and the customer plans to place a large order or will be repeating their order in the future. Flexographic prints use printing plates, which require a startup fee but can be reused over and over.

Alternatively, if the customer changes their design frequently (for example, an event that has different sponsors annually), then digital printing will be quicker and simpler. 

Perforated Roll Banners

If your customer will want their banners perforated, you will need to order flexographic printed banners. These can be perforated after each repeat or you can go as long as 9 feet (108 inches) between perforated sections. 

How Will They Use the Banners?

The key to selling roll banners is to match this versatile product with an eager customer. So it helps to understand the breadth of possible uses! 

Uses for Plastic Roll Banners

Roll banners are great for a lot of things – fences, crowd control, booths and tables, handing out to participants… the list seems endless. However, these products do have limitations. It’s important to keep in mind that they are essentially a single-use, disposable product. While they can stand up to rain outdoors, they are thin and lightweight, making them susceptible to high winds. They can be pulled down or destroyed in severe weather. If your customer is looking for something sturdier and reusable, then mesh banners are a better option.

Selling Roll Banners? We Are Here to Help

However you plan on selling roll banners, we are here to help and support you. We provide superior printing and great products to match the needs of your customers. Questions? Feel free to reach out to our experienced team today!

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