Vinyl Roll Banners

Caring for Your Vinyl Roll Banners

Air Force Reserve Vinyl Roll Banner on Printer

An essential part of getting the best value from your vinyl roll banners is keeping them clean and properly stored. Keeping your banners looking its best helps you prolong its life and maximize its effectiveness.

Using aggressive or harsh cleaners and detergents is not a good idea as they can harm or even destroy your banners. A non-detergent or soap and water solution is best, ideally used with a soft cloth. Any abrasive materials or paper towels are potentially destructive and should be avoided entirely.

After your roll banners are sparkling once again, then you’ll want to make sure you store them properly. The best and simplest way to store your banners is to re-roll them (it’s helpful to use a tube to roll the banner around). Make sure that you roll the banner with the graphic facing out and always wait for your banner to dry completely before rolling it. Finally, make sure that the banners are kept in a cool place to prevent any melting or distortion.

It’s important to note that vinyl roll banners aren’t meant to last forever. That said, proper care of your banners can extend their durability and lifespan, increasing the value of your purchase. We guarantee (in most cases) that the color on your vinyl roll banner will last for a year outdoors! So as long as you keep that banner clean and stored properly, it should stay looking bright and beautiful!

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