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How Many Roll Banners Do You Need?

When looking to order plastic roll banners, always remember that the size of the run makes a big impact on your bottom line. Generally speaking, the smallest run length that will still justify the run is 3,000 linear feet.

Behind the 3,000 feet figure for a minimum run is a simple equation that justifies our ‘hands-on’ set up time. Set up time to mount printing plates, install PMS matched inks, un-mount plates and clean up the press, hoses and ink stations stack up to thirty minutes per spot color. With the press running at approximately 450-500’ per minute, the minimum print run is 3,000 feet or 6-8 minutes of press time.

That means that unless you need upwards of 1,000 banners, you’ll get much better bang for you buck if you go for vinyl roll banners. Plastic roll banners are flexographically printed on low density poly, whereas vinyl roll banners are digitally printed on 10 ounce vinyl. A minimum print run for vinyl roll banners, by contrast, is just 50′!

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