How to Care for Your Vinyl Banners


Removing Wrinkles
Hang your banner out in the sun. If you have weights, attach them to the end of the banner via the grommets and the wrinkles will usually come out. Creases can also be removed by gently heating the non-printed surface with a hair dryer.


Place the banner—print side down—on a flat surface. Use a steam iron at a low temperature to apply heat to the non-printed side until the wrinkles come out. DO NOT USE A HOT IRON.

CAUTION: Direct contact with a hot iron will permanently damage the banner.

Note: Test the above methods on an inconspicuous area of your banner first! This information serves as a guideline only. Northcoast Banners and Bags, Inc. is not responsible for any damage due to improper wrinkle removal.

Removing Minor Smudges and Stains
Wipe your banner down with a damp cloth. DO NOT use abrasive cloths, towels, or cleaning pads. If a damp cloth doesn’t work, add some mild detergent.

CAUTION: Strong detergents and other cleaners can damage the print.

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