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Can I Move My Plastic Roll Banner Order to Another Company?

If you have ordered a plastic roll banner and are not happy with the results, you may be wondering if you can move your plastic roll banner order to another company.

The answer is yes – you can definitely transfer your order to another company. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before doing so. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps that you need to take to transfer your order successfully.

Plastic Roll Banner Order: Digital Printing

If you’re looking to purchase digitally printed plastic roll banners, the transition will be pretty seamless.

For digital printing there are no setup fees. Even if you don’t have the exact color codes from the original image file, our designers can help. We prefer a vector image for digital printing, but we can provide assistance if you aren’t sure if your file will work. 

Plastic Roll Banner Order: Flexographic Printing 

Sometimes people come to us with plates for flexographic printing that were produced by a previous printing company. Unfortunately, the only way we can verify that we are able to use these plates is by having you send them to us directly. You will need to pay the cost of shipping, and there’s no guarantee the plates will be usable.

If you want to start with new plates, the cost will depend on the size and number of colors in the art. The minimum cost is $195. Depending on the complexity of the artwork, the cost goes up from there. 

Print Plates

While most printers will provide your plates to you upon request, if your former printer is out of business they may no longer have access to your plates. It never hurts to reach out to your former printer to request your plates. Most companies will put in your order contract whether or not you retain ownership of the plates. However, if it’s a simple artwork and you plan to purchase a large number of plastic roll banners, it is likely more cost-effective to start with new plates. 

Not all print plates are alike. Your previous company may have used plates for a printing press we don’t use or has a different repeat length than the ones we use. Our flexographic printers max out at 5 color plates per job. Our maximum repeat length is 54 inches but we can only print 2 colors at that size.

If your artwork was based on dimensions for a different printer, we may have to do some slight editing to ensure the artwork will fit new print plates. 

Design and Color Consistency

One thing that’s EASY to transfer is your colors. As long as you’re using the Pantone color system! Most designers use these codes to easily identify the exact colors of your logo or artwork. With this universal color system, at least you can rest assured that even when transferring your design to a new printing company, your colors should turn out the same.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to switch from a previous printing vendor for better service, lower cost, or because they’re no longer in business, don’t worry. You have options! Whatever the case, get in touch with our team so we can help you assess the best path forward. We look forward to helping you print beautiful plastic roll banners!

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