Plastic roll banners

Plastic Roll Banners: The Basics

Our Roll Banners at a Festival

So what are plastic roll banners? How can you use them? As indoor or outdoor signage, plastic roll banners are the perfect method for communicating your branding message. They offer an economical way to make a huge impact at all of your events. If you dream of showing up at an event and completely covering the place with your logo, then plastic roll banners from NorthCoast Banners are the answer.

Our banners can be used at a wide variety of events and venues, including (but not limited to):

…the list is endless!

Our banners are printed on low density biodegradable polyethylene, the most widely used plastic in the world for making plastic roll banners. It is the polymer you see most in daily life. It provides great strength, flexibility and water blocking properties. These properties all help to make plastic roll banners the ideal signage choice for all kinds of events!

If you would like more information on plastic roll banners please feel free to give us call at (800)-231-4213 or check out our page on plastic roll banners.

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