Banner Design Tips

Plastic Roll Banner Design Tips

Good morning good people! We’re going to kick off the week with an all new series focusing the design process of your roll banners. In any area, design is critically important, and banners are no different. Check back here for new posts about design for your roll banners!

In designing your roll banners – whether plastic roll banners or vinyl banners – remember the K.I.S.S. principle: Keep It Simple, Silly. At Northcoast Banners, it’s our holy grail in defining the design process for roll banners.

Of course, your goal with your new roll banner is to grab your viewer’s attention and communicate your message once you’ve commanded their attention. That means your roll banner needs to be visually attractive and easily readable.

  • Be clear about what the message is that you want communicate with your roll banner. Set aside some time to write a brief description of your purpose with your roll banner and jot down some ways that will ensure that you effectively accomplish your goals.
  • It’s essential that you keep your banner design simple and minimal. Never add extra flourish and flair, it will only complicate and obfuscate your message.
  • If you include text, be sure that it is clearly legible, and readable from a fair distance. Bear in mind your audience won’t always be at a very close distance to your roll banners.

To generate ideas for your designs, utilize the full resources that you have at your fingertips with Google, image and art websites and magazines.

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