Ordering Plastic Roll Banners

The Top 5 Questions Your Customers Ask About Ordering Plastic Roll Banners

There aren’t too many places to go when you’re ordering plastic roll banners these days. If you sell branded products to customers, you may have a customer come to you asking questions about plastic roll banners. Here are the top 5 questions potential customers may ask you when they’re looking for plastic roll banners.

By understanding more about the ordering process, you can feel confident in answering your client’s questions, and getting them pricing for their banners.

1. What Are They Called?

As Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” And whatever you want to call them, plastic roll banners can be a cost-effective, eye-catching way to market your brand or event.

And there ARE many different names for this one great product. People may call asking about Plastic roll banners, roller banners, rolla banner, banners on a roll, perforated banners, tear-off banners, tearaway banners, disposable banners, wraparound banners… they all refer to the same versatile product!

2. How Much Should I Order?

Well, that depends on how much space they need to cover, thier budget, and storage. If they only have a very small space to cover and they don’t plan to store and use the same design in the future, they may want to order digitally printed plastic roll banners, which come in a minimum of one 250 foot roll. However, if they need to cover a ton of space or you want to save money by placing a larger order, they can order flexographic plastic roll banners which start at a minimum order of four 500 foot rolls (2,000 linear feet of banners).

3. How Complex Can the Art Be?

The complexity of your artwork may help you determine the type of printing method. For example, digitally printed plastic roll banners have no color limitation. The design does not affect pricing.

Alternatively, flexographic plastic roll banners use more traditional color plates, so there is a 6 color max, and prices vary based on the number of colors.

4. Can I Get Them Perforated?

Once again, the answer is based on what type of plastic roll banner they order. Flexographic printed banners can be perforated but digitally printed banners cannot. However, the digitally printed banners are still printed on thin, easy-to-cut materials.

When you order flexographic printed plastic roll banners, you can request skip perforation. That means you can select perforation up to a certain length. For example, you could opt for individual perforation after each image (let’s say, every 36 inches), or after multiple repeats, up to about 108 inches (9 feet). 

5. When Ordering Plastic Roll Banners, How Soon Can I Get Them?

How soon you can get your order depends a lot on how ready you are!

The quickest turnaround time comes with digitally printed banners. Those are typically ready within one week of proof approval. Shipping is about one week, but you may be able to purchase rush shipping in last-minute situations.

Flexographic banners take about 3 weeks to produce after proof approval, plus shipping time. Again the better you are about approving your proof/design, the quicker you will get your banners! 

Ordering Plastic Roll Banners – The Bottom Line

If you need an attractive, durable, and affordable way to display your message or logo, look no further than plastic roll banners. These banners are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and can be customized with your logo and branding. Looking for a way to make an impact at your next event? Our plastic roll banners may be just what you need. And if you have any additional questions that we didn’t answer above, feel free to reach out to our team directly. We are always happy to help!

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