Uses for Roll Banners

Top Ten Uses for Roll Banners

Banners – especially roll banners – are an indispensable tool in your branding and marketing arsenal. Nothing beats the variability and affordability of roll banners when it comes to getting the word out and fostering name recognition.

There are a shocking number of ways in which to utilize roll banners. Our customers in TV and radio have shared the hundreds of creative uses they have come up with for roll banners. From that, we’ve compiled the top ten uses:

1. Stage Bunting:

Using roll banners to line your stage is not only simple but also very effective. Placing your roll banners front and center as stage bunting maximizes your exposure and gets your message out to the whole crowd.

Roll Banners for Stage Bunting

2. Souvenirs:

Why waste money on posters when your banners are souvenirs, ready-made? You can separate the banners at the perforation or hand them out as “cut sheets”. Either way, it’s fast, easy and inexpensive.

Roll Banners as Souvenirs

3. Table Skirts:

Using banners as table skirts identifies your space while simultaneously creating brand awareness. A great bonus of using banners as table skirts is that they help to hide unsightly boxes or other items stored beneath the table from view.

Roll Banners as Table Skirts

4. Tent Signage:

Hanging roll banners from your tent is another way in which to define your space and get your branding message out. It’s quick, easy, efficient and it distinguishes you from all the other tents.

Roll Banners as Tent Signage

Roll Banners Wrapping a Tent

5. For the Troops:

US troops overseas are always thrilled to receive roll banners from their favorite stations. They serve as a great reminder of home and it’s a wonderful way to give back to our US troops. They especially love when the roll banners are autographed by on-air personalities!

Radio Station Banners for United States Troops

6. Quick Backdrops:

When you have a photo shoot or album signing, roll banners make amazing backdrops in a pinch. Your roll banners need only need to be taped together for an instant backdrop that’s sure to get a lot of photographic exposure!

Banner Backdrops During an Interview

7. Fencing Off Areas:

If one area of your event is off-limits, or if it simply needs to be delineated from other areas, roll banners can come in handy. Roll banners can easily be affixed to fences, trees or posts with grommets and section off an area. This method provides crowds with a visual indicator of boundaries and creates privacy.

Roll Banners for Fencing Off Areas

8. Branding an Entire Event:

With roll banners, you can cover the venue with your logo or message. Placing roll banners everywhere can completely command the attention of the crowd and eliminate any question of who is sponsoring your events.

Roll Banners at an Outdoor Event

9. Co-Branding an Event:

Including your sponsors’ logo in or with your roll banners can help you give your sponsors added value. Co-branding pays off for everyone involved!

10. Trash Barrel Advertising:

You read correctly: trash barrel advertising. What better way to get market your brand while improving the look of your event’s trash barrels than to wrap them in roll banners? It’s prime advertising space!

Roll Banners as Barrel Covers

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