Vinyl Roll Banners

Vinyl Roll Banners: The Basics

Vinyl Roll Banners Being Unrolled

It’s possible that the ideal signage solution for your event may be vinyl roll banners. This alternative to the plastic roll banner offers its own unique advantages and could be the perfect answer for your event.

No Plate Fees, No Color Limits

Our plastic roll banners are flexo-printed on low-density poly and have a minimum print run of 3,000 linear feet. Vinyl roll banners, on the other hand, are digitally printed on 10-ounce vinyl and have a minimum print run of 50 feet. This means that you will not have to purchase the plates used in flexo-printing (which average $295 per color) but also you’re free to design much smaller in order to meet your specific needs.

Vinyl Roll BannerPrinting digitally and having zero plate fees also means that you’ll have no color limit to your designs. You can print full color up to 600 dpi, which means that your banners will be sharp, precise and pixel perfect.

Design Flexibility & Control

In addition to zero plate fees, digital banners offer an infinite amount of design control. With digital printing, your message, image, logo, and design concepts can vary and change without any additional cost to you. Whether you’re testing designs or still fine-tuning your logo, digital printing means that you don’t have to commit to any singular concept. You have so much flexibility with vinyl, in fact, that you’re able to alternate different logos, text or graphics on any portion of your entire banner. We can also print photographic images on vinyl roll banners.

Durability & Quick Turnaround Time

The vinyl roll banner could also be called the Many Uses, Many Times Roll Banner because of its unbeatable durability. The 10 ounce scrim vinyl will hold up over multiple uses, and the inks are UV solvent, so they can be used indoor or outdoor.

Air Force Reserves Vinyl Roll Banner on the Presses

No plates also mean no set-up time (or set-up fees), which means we can get your order printed and in your hands very quickly! It generally takes only 2-3 days from the time you sign off on a proof to get your banner shipped (depending on the  order specifications). This is in comparison to 3 weeks for plastic roll banners.

So if the combination of zero plate fees, unlimited color capabilities, variability, re-usability and quick turnaround appeals to you, give us a call at 800-231-4213. We will be happy to answer your questions! You can also check out our website at

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