Digital Plastic Roll Banners

What are Digital Plastic Roll Banners?

Digitally Printed Plastic Roll Banners

Have you ever seen a banner printed on a roll? Digital plastic roll banners are often used by companies for branding purposes. They’re more cost-effective than traditional vinyl banners and they’re lighter weight. Thus, it’s easier to transport them from place to place. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what these digitally printed plastic roll banners are and how they are a great choice for your marketing strategy.

What are Digital Plastic Roll Banners?

Digitally Printed Plastic Roll Banners (DPRB) are plastic roll banners printed on 4 mil poly by a digital press. A mil is a measurement that equals one-thousandth of an inch or 0.001 inches. Think of the thin plastic sheeting used to cover surfaces or tape off areas during a home remodel.

The art for the banner is uploaded directly to the print machine, much like many other digital printing processes. The banners come rolled on a core, so you can easily unroll as many as you need and cut them off for individual use, or use the whole roll at once.

Specification of Digital Plastic Roll Banners

Unlike some more traditional printing methods, DPRBs do not require plates. There are no additional costs for setup fees. There are also fewer limits on colors, design, and repeat length with this printing method. Thus, it is one of the most flexible printing options.

There is no limit to the number of colors or gradients in digital printing. Again, while traditional printing methods utilize separate plates for each color, the ability to print digitally removes this barrier and its associated cost increase.

Benefits of Digital Plastic Roll Banners

The two major benefits for DPRBs are their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. There’s no extra charge for complex art, no per color charge, and no limits to the number of colors you can have in your art. Thus, if you have a colorful or complicated logo or event to promote, DBPRB is the best option.

There does need to be a one-inch blank margin on the top and bottom of the digitally printed plastic roll banner. This white space is where a thel printing press holds the material as it prints. 

There does not need to be any white space between repeated images. That differs from Flexo Plastic Roll Banners, which require a one-inch margin on the left and right of the banners, plus the top and bottom, as well.

Essentially, your artwork is less limited, yet you won’t be hit with higher costs for that benefit. So regardless of your marketing strategy or need, that’s sure to be a win-win!

Some Additional Notes on DPRBs

At NorthCoast Banners, we can print banners at 24 inches tall by various lengths. The repeat length for the image can be any length. For DPRBs, the minimum order is one 250 foot roll. However, we can also print 400 foot and 500 foot long rolls. Many buyers find it’s more affordable to plan ahead and buy a larger roll, rather than reorder multiple rolls. However, individual rolls are lighter and sometimes more convenient to use.

Unlike some plastic roll banners that come with “tear-away” options, we are not able to perforate digitally printed plastic roll banners. However, they can be cut easily with scissors, so most buyers don’t find this to be an issue. If this is an important need, you can purchase Flexographic plastic roll banners instead, which can be perforated.

Key Takeaways

Digitally Printed Plastic Roll Banners (DPRBs) are an easy and affordable option for plastic banners. You can purchase a short run of banners with complicated art, all while saving costs. If you think DPRBs could be great for your next event, reach out to one of our experienced team members today!

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