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What Is A Tearaway Banner?

Your event is coming up and your sponsor is pushing you to find a creative way to deck out the place with their branding (Hint: you haven’t yet discovered a tearaway banner). You’ve taken your nose to the grindstone but you can’t find a way to get it done without buying more vinyl banners.

Enter the tearaway banner, the cost effective solution to getting your brand, sponsor or company logo plastered around any event area. Produced as a Plastic Roll Banner, they are often called tearaway banners because you can simply cut off a banner, two or 50, to cover any amount of space.

Here’s some innovative ways brands are using tear away roll banners:

TearAway Banners - Plastic Roll Banners

Tito’s vodka cuts off their tearaway banners (AKA plastic roll banners) and wraps them around the water barrel and deadweights used to tie down a tent.

TearAway Banners - Plastic Roll Banners - NorthCoast Banners

Subaru puts them together, lined up, then tears away the excess to create a quick photo backdrop or logo wall area.

TearAway Banners - Plastic Roll Banners - NorthCoast Banners

At a festival, traffic barricades control the flow of attendees, but they don’t do much in terms of branding with their unsightly, dry metallic sheen. Rent King covers them with tearaway roll banners across the festival.

Don’t be afraid to throw a roll of plastic roll banners in the back of the pickup truck before heading out to an event. It will come to use in more ways than one.

Got another way you tear away your plastic roll banners? Send us a photo, we’ll feature it on our Instagram and Facebook page!

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