Plastic Banner and Vinyl Banner Design Principles

K.I.S.S. Principle in Banner Design

Designing banners, whether they are plastic roll banners or vinyl banners, is a creative challenge.

The first and most important thing to remember is the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Silly) principle. Since the goal of your banner is to grab the viewer’s attention and then communicate your message, the banner must be visually attractive and easily readable.

The Banner Design Process

  • The first step towards a great banner design idea is to be clear about what you want to communicate. Take some time and write a brief description of your purpose and jot down a few things that will help you accomplish it.
  • Keep your banner design simple and if you include text to convey your message, make it clearly legible.
  • It’s best to generate ideas for your designs by browsing magazines, visiting events, viewing online clip art libraries and by searching the Internet for descriptions of what you want your banner to accomplish.

Banner Visibility

  • In most cases, the more visible your banner is from distance, the better. Always ask yourself, “How far away will the banner be from the viewer?”
  • For instance, if your banners will be on the front of a stage or at a radio remote, the banner design must be large enough to be viewed by the audience beyond the front row.
  • Also keep in mind that the viewer may be walking by and will need to distinguish your message while in motion.

Ideal Color Choices for Banners

  • Choose powerful and contrasting colors to grab your audiences eyeballs. The key is to choose colors that contrast with each other so the design POPS.
  • If you’re committed to using dark combinations, like red ink against a dark blue “knockout” it’s best to outline the edge of your letters in white.
  • This stroking technique allows for the distinction between the colors and will attract your audience’s eye – or POP much better.

Height to Width Ratios for Banners

  • The height to width ratio of your banner is also important. Make certain that the ratios and proportions of your banner design are in harmony.
  • If you are designing a banner in which the proportions of the logo are wider than they are tall, then opt for a rectangular banner to accommodate the logo and the attendant text.
  • Don’t attempt to squeeze it all in on a square banner. Doing so will force you to use smaller letters and this lessened ratio of letter size to banner size will diminish the banners’ capacity to project your message.

Never Forget the Fundamentals

Finally, remember the K.I.S.S. principal and give your audience only the details they need.

The more you try to squeeze into your design, the more it detracts from the banners’ effectiveness. Keep it simple… silly!