Roll Banners for Radio and TV

Banners for Radio and TV Station Promotions Managers

As every Radio and Television Station promotion manager knows, banners — especially roll banners — are an essential tool of the trade. When it comes to creating name recognition for your station, nothing beats the flexibility and cost effectiveness of roll banners.

Over the last couple of years, we polled our Radio and TV Station customer base regarding how they used them and we received hundreds of ideas for possible uses for roll banners. Their responses ranged from “home made bikini” contests to “fire escape slides”. While we won’t comment on the wisdom — or effectiveness — of using roll banners in these ways, we will share with you the ten most common uses.

Top 10 uses most frequent mentioned by our Radio and TV Station clients:

  • Stage bunting:Roll banners, in addition to being spectacularly easy to use, are remarkably effective for lining stages. For just a few dollars it is easy to line your stages, and thereby promote your station’s message to large crowds. Give it a try. Your audience will love it.Stage Bunting
  • Hand roll banners out as souvenirs instead of wasting money on posters:Whether torn off of a perforated roll, or handed out as “cut sheets” it’s easy and cheap to give roll banners out as souvenirs.
  • Skirt your tables:Simply roll out your banners and affix them to the face of your table. Doing so will define your space, create brand awareness for your station and hide ugly boxes and other stored promotional products from view.
  • Attach roll banners to enliven your tent:Define your space and promote your brand. All it takes is rolling out a few banners and affixing them to your tent. It’s easy!Banners Hanging from Tents
  • Send roll banners to US troops as reminders from home:Our clients tell us the troops are delighted to receive roll banners from their favorite stations – especially if the banners are autographed by your station’s on-air personalities!Radio Station Banners
  • Create instant backdrops for photo shoots and autograph sessions:Use multiple runs of Roll Banners and the tape them together; Voila – an instant backdrop!Interview with Banner Backdrop
  • Fence off specific areas of your venues with roll banners:Create privacy and steer the crowd away from “off limits” areas. Just roll out your banners and affix them to fences, trees and posts with adhesive grommets. It’s easy!
  • Blanket your venues with roll banners:Go for it! Be bold! Use your roll banners to command eyeballs. Eliminate any question of who is sponsoring your events!Banners Covering a Venue
  • Co-brand your events with your sponsors:Give your sponsors added value. Include your sponsors’ logos or tag lines. It’s easy. Roll banners are inexpensive and we can provide TREMENDOUS added value.Co-Branding with Banners
  • Wrap your trash barrels:Pretty up those ugly trash barrels while spreading your message. Trash barrels make great sponsorship opportunities! Don’t waste this prime advertising space!Trash Barrels and Banners