Stage Runner Banners

Bring A Stage Look Together With Plastic Roll Banners As Stage Runner Banners.

Do you have a performance coming up? Any sort of event where you or your team will be on a stage, with onlookers watching from down below? Using stage runner banners is a great way to tie your event together and complete your stage look.

Plastic Roll Banners as Stage Runner Banners

Plastic roll banners are a cost effective way to cover your stage in banners with a repeating logo. It is easy to use roll banners as Stage Runners – roll out the length of banner you need, cut and hang them up! Whether you’re setting up an event on an amphitheater in a local park, on a mobile stage or a stageline stage, plastic roll banners are a stage runner solution.

The real key with the plastic roll banners as stage runners is that you can customize the length. You can cut the amount of roll banners you need for that stage from the banner roll. With the length variable covered, you can use a single roll of plastic roll banners as stage runner banners for several events with various stage sizes. The roll banners are disposable, so after your event, you can easily dispose of them and cut a new length of them from your roll for your next event.

Gone are the days of having to tediously measure each individual stage and painstakingly search high and low to rent a fabric stage skirt to match your specified dimensions.

Brand Your Event – And your Stage Runner Banners

We can print plastic roll banners with your logo or your sponsor’s logo. The stage runner banners will be front and center at your event. Every time your audience looks to the stage, the stage runner banner will promote your brand and your event to them.

Using your branded and customized plastic roll banners as your stage runner banners is not just aesthetically pleasing, it’s the smart thing to do.

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