Digital Printing Substrates

Digital Printing Substrates

There are a variety of substrates available for digital printing. Each surface creates a variation in both the texture and look of an image. To get a better idea of the disparities between different materials, I scanned some of our samples for a side by side comparison.

We often print 13 oz vinyl banners for a variety of uses. Vinyl mesh can also be useful for bands and festivals because it allows sound to pass through the banner. The image below compares a solid 13 oz vinyl with two different weights of vinyl mesh: 70/30 & 30/70.

vinyl mesh banner comparison

There are two different fabric substrates available for printing: canvas and dye sublimated poly poplin. As you can see from the images below, each has a different texture and weight.

canvas and dye sublimated poly poplin substrates

Hard Surfaces
We can also print on styrene (a flat but pliable material) or gatorboard (rigid foam core, 3/16″ thick). Both surfaces have a similar, slightly shiny, finish.

styrene or gatorboard surfaces

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