Large Format Mesh Banner Printing

How Large Can I Print A Mesh Banner?

You’ve heard the saying “go big or go home” and when it comes to mesh banners, you can really GO BIG.

At NorthCoast Banners, we have the largest printer for mesh banners in the industry. And not only should you GO BIG, but you should also go for the BEST when looking to print large mesh banners.

Our printing pros have seen and printed it all. That’s why we’ve put our heads together to help you understand the ins and outs of mesh banner printing. Because we want to help you get the most out of your banner purchase.

What Is The Difference Between Vinyl And Mesh Banners?

A lot of terms get thrown around when it comes to banners, so let’s clarify the basics: banner materials.

Vinyl banners are made from a PVC material that is durable and weather-resistant. Mesh banners are also made from a PVC material, but they have small holes throughout the fabric that allows for better airflow.

This makes mesh banners ideal for outdoor use, as they will not blow away in the wind like vinyl banners can.

All About Mesh, Vinyl, And Fabric Banners

To better differentiate banner types, we’ve broken down the three main materials large banners are printed on: mesh, vinyl, and fabric/cloth.

-Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are made from a PVC material that is durable and weather-resistant. The small holes throughout the fabric allow for better airflow, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Mesh banners are also sometimes referred to as 70/30 mesh. 70/30 vinyl mesh means the banner is 70 percent vinyl mesh material and 30 percent airholes.

-Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are also made from a PVC material. However, solid vinyl banners can blow away in the wind due to their lack of airflow. Therefore they are not ideal for outdoor venues and events.

-Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are made from a variety of materials, including polyester, cotton, and nylon. They are lightweight and can be printed on both sides. Unlike vinyl, cloth banners can be folded up without creasing.

However, they are not great for outdoor venues as the fabric can get caught in the wind. Additionally, fabric blocks sound waves and thus is not a good choice to place in front of large speakers. This banner material has benefits, but for outdoor and large-scale events, you’re best going with mesh banner material.

Make Promoting A “Breeze” With Mesh Banner Printing

Are you planning an outdoor event? With mesh banners, you can promote your event, performer, or sponsors even on breezy days! The small holes in the fabric allow for better airflow, so your banner will not blow away in the wind.

If you’re concerned about extremely windy conditions, there’s also the option of 30/70 mesh banners. These banners are only 30 percent material, so while they are safer in terms of blow-through, the printed images will not be as vibrant.

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Mesh Banners Over Vinyl Or Fabric Banners?

There are several advantages of choosing mesh banners over solid vinyl or fabric banners.

First, mesh banners are more durable and weather-resistant than vinyl or fabric banners. They can stand up to wind, rain, and sun, and because they aren’t as dense as solid vinyl banners, they can be folded or rolled more easily.

Second, the small holes throughout the fabric allow for better airflow, making them ideal for outdoor use and concerts. 70/30 mesh banners still provide a clear vibrant image while offering safety and versatility. They won’t distort sound or add unnecessary weight to the stage, as they are considerably lighter than other banners.

And third, mesh banners are less likely to blow away in the wind than vinyl or fabric banners. Safety is a huge concern for any event host. The last thing you need to worry about it s a banner that could blow away and damage the stage or attendees!

Can I Print On Both Sides Of My Banner?

It’s possible to print double sided mesh banners, but typically not necessary. It will really depend on the use.

For example, if you’re installing a mesh banner on a stage or in front of a speaker, you don’t necessarily need the back to be visible. Some customers opt for double-printed mesh for concert speakers, building wraps, and backdrops because it can be more vibrant.

However, since mesh banners are somewhat see-through, you cannot print two different images on the front and back, as they would both be visible and result in a muddled unattractive look.

How Visible Is The Printed Portion on a Mesh Banner?

The biggest concern for most customers purchasing large mesh banners is how good the print will look. Yes, the printed portion of a mesh banner is visible!

Our brains are amazing and work to fill in gaps. In fact, scientists have found that our brains work by processing border information first and filling in the surface information second. Thus, we can perceive something that isn’t really there – like the 30 percent of the banner that isn’t there!

Instead, our brain makes the image whole. So from just 3 or 4 feet away, you’ll see one clear, solid image printed on the mesh banner.

Are Mesh Banners Fire Resistant?

Yes, all of our mesh banners are fire-resistant. As we noted, safety is always the top priority for any venue. Wind safety and fire safety are both extremely important.

Our mesh banners are fire retardant, meaning they meet standard NFPA 701 guidelines. This is the rating by the National Fire Protection Association, the body that tests mesh material against flammability.

Because of all these safety measures, mesh banners are the ideal signage for outside usage.

What Is The Typical Size For A Banner?

There is no “typical” when it comes to banners! You can make them in just about every size. However, here are some common and popular banner dimensions.

Popular Sizes For Mesh Banners

-Four feet by two feet

This is a common option for small banners. This size works perfectly for simple gatherings such as those in backyard settings.

-Six feet by three feet

Banners this size are a great choice for boutique storefronts and retail promotions.

-Five feet by ten feet

These larger banners are ideal for busy venues and big, crowded events as they provide maximum visibility. This is also a good size to hang on a building.

-Stage sizes

Big events like concerts and festivals require large size banners so they are visible to the people at a greater distance. A standard stage backdrop (also known as a band scrim) is 6’ x 6’.

However, outdoor events may require extra large size banners in the proportion of 10’ x 12’, 15’ x 12’, or even larger to match the stage backdrop. In fact, big stages may require banners that are as huge as 15’ x 20’ or 20’ x 25’!

Such extra-large banners are visible even from far away, accommodating huge crowds and large spaces. Mesh fence banners are also popular at such events for advertising and crowd control.

-Building wraps

Building wrap banners can come in a variety of sizes. If you want to wrap an entire building, you will likely need large-scale mesh banner printing and seamed pieces.

How Large Can I Print A Mesh Banner?

At NorthCoast Banner, we can print a large mesh banner in literally any dimensions. Our printing machines are 16′ wide, the very largest industyr, which means we can print 16′ without a seam. We regularly print banners larger than 16′ on both sides – using a butt seam, we can create the finished size at whatever dimensions needed. Basically, whatever the banner size, we can accommodate you.

Larger banners simply require a seam. Seams on large-format mesh banners are barely noticeable – especially on white and light-colored backgrounds. So no matter what your needs are, we can help you print the perfect banner!

What Is The Best Resolution For A Large Mesh Banner?

The best resolution for a large banner is 150 DPI (dots per inch). This will ensure that your print is clear and sharp. Scanned images should have a resolution of no less than 300 DPI at 1/4 size of the final printed piece.

What Are The Minimum And Maximum Dimensions Of Your Banners?

We can print banners in a variety of sizes. Mesh banners without a seam max out at 16 feet wide (industry high), while cloth banners top out at 10 feet wide. We seam banners that are larger than 16′ on both sides, so you’re never limited to 16′. If you need a custom size, just let us know!

How Much Sound Will The Banner Let Through?

Just as they let air flow through, mesh banners won’t block or muffle soundwaves. if sound distortion is a high concern, you can opt for a higher hole to material ratio.

Get Your Grommet On

Grommets are metal eyelets that are placed along the edges of the mesh banner. They are used to secure the banner to a fence, wall, or other structure.

When you have grommets on your banner, you can use ropes, cables, wires, hooks, nails, or pins to hang them. Now that’s versatility!

What Should I Know About Pole Pockets And The Ordering Process?

Pole pockets are horizontal or vertical openings that are sewn into the banner. They allow the banner to be slid over a pole for hanging. When ordering a banner with pole pockets, please specify the size of the pole you will be using so we can hem the pocket to fit.

Pole pockets are best for use at the bottom of the banner. This functions to weigh down the banner or a backdrop.

How Long Do Mesh Vinyl Banners Last?

With proper care, mesh vinyl banners can last up to five years. However, they are also affordable enough that you can order new ones as needed when event sponsors or performers change from year to year.

If you are using the same banners outdoor frequently, eventually the elements will cause some wear and tear. This could be fading or cracking from UV, wind, and rain exposure. 

Are The Edges Of Mesh Banners Hemmed?

Yes, all of our mesh banners have hemmed edges on all sides. This helps to prevent fraying and increases the lifespan of the banner.

If you expect your banner to stand up to high winds, you should consider reinforced hems. We recommend these for most outdoor mesh vinyl banners.

Can I Cut My Banner To Shape?

You could cut up your banner, but we wouldn’t recommend it. While you can cut your banner to shape using a sharp knife or scissors, it may not function the way you’d hoped. Mesh banners can be prone to tearing if you cut away the fortified hemmed edges.

If you have an idea for a unique shape, talk to our designers. It’s likelier that we can replicate the image you’re after by printing it, instead of slicing up your banner. 

What Is The Printing Process For Mesh Banners?

Mesh banners are printed on a large-scale printing press. The perforated material is printed with a backing sheet on it to prevent ink from leaking through the holes and onto the printing platen on the digital printer.

Can I Order A Vinyl Mesh Banner With Pre-Attached Rope To Secure It To Posts?

We can provide a variety of finishes including grommets and pole pockets, however, we do not include additional items like ropes and nails.

Before you order, take time to determine how you will hang your banner. For example, what kind of stage are you dealing with? Are you using the banners on poles, on a truss, or hanging them in a windy area?

The more information you have, the better we can provide you with a banner that meets your needs. We offer custom mesh banners to fit your every need.

Will My Large Mesh Banner Have Seams?

For a mesh banner larger than 16 feet wide on both sides, length and width, seams will be necessary. We use a high-quality seam sealer to ensure that the seams are strong and will not tear.

Banner seams are not typically a problem visually, however you may want to consider your design and the seam placement to ensure you’re pleased with the final product. 

What Is The Turnaround Time To Order Large Mesh Banners?

The turnaround time for mesh banners is typically six or seven business days. However, rush orders are available for an additional fee.

Keep in mind that when you order you will need your artwork ready, and you will need to approve proofs before the printing begins. You should also consider shipping time and plan as far ahead as possible.

Ordering Custom Banners

If you need a custom mesh banner, simply fill out our online quote form. Our experienced tea can help you with everything from design, to materials, and more!

Still have questions about mesh banner printing? Give us a call at 1-800-231-4213 and we’ll gladly guide you through the process.

We can’t wait to see what eye-popping designs you have in mind for your large mesh banner!

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