Ways to Use Plastic Roll Banners

Plastic Roll Banners are a versatile way to cover your event with your logo. Roll banners can be used at many types of events. Whether you’re using a whole roll along a fence line or handing out individual banners, plastic roll banners are a cost effective way to cover your events with banners.

How you plan to use the banner may determine the size and quantity of banners you need. We can print plastic roll banners at 18”, 24”, 36” and 48” tall. If you know where you will be hanging the banners, it can help determine what size banners are best for you.

How you use the banners can also change whether or not you need perforated rolls. If you’re using individual banners to hand out or placing single banners at various locations, perforations quickly allow you to separate the banners for distribution. If you will be displaying continuous rolls of banners on fencing or crowd control barriers, you won’t be needing perforations.

Below are a few of the most popular ways to use plastic roll banners. Contact us if you have questions about roll banner specifications or uses

Crowd Control Banners

Use roll banners on fences to brand your crowd control barriers.

Individual Banners

Perforated roll banners are easy to tear off and hand out.

Table Runner Banners

Make a clear distinction on your sign up or merch tables with roll banners.

Stage Runner Banners

Bring a stage look together with plastic roll banners as stage runners.

Outdoor Building Banners

Plastic roll banners are a cost effective temporary way to hang outdoor banners.

Disposable Barrel Covers

Wrap plastic roll banners around barrels or trash cans to cover your event in your brand.

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