What material is a yard sign made of

What Material Are Yard Signs Made Of?

Yard signs are a staple in the world of advertising and politics. 

From promoting a local business to showing support for a political candidate, yard signs have been around for decades. But have you ever wondered what they’re made of and how long they can last? Let’s dive into the world of yard signs!

What material is a yard sign made of?

The most common type of material used to make yard signs are corrugated plastic. This type of plastic is lightweight and durable, and it holds up to the weather very well too. Plus, you can recycle corrugated plastic, so it’s also an eco-friendly type of material.

Another type of yard sign material is corrugated cardboard. They won’t last as long as plastic, but they are more affordable and can also be recycled of course.

Other types of yard sign materials are aluminum and Alumacore. Aluminum signs are are a more upscale, higher end look, and they are fully weather-resistant. In fact, they last up to 10 years! This makes aluminum a great choice for a yard sign you’ll want to have up all year round, as opposed to a specific marketing campaign that only lasts a few weeks or months.

Alumacore is similar to aluminum – it is lightweight and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s more flexible than aluminum, and it also last years – this makes it a great option for a long term sign.

Are yard signs weather resistant?

The most common material for yard signs is corrugated plastic. It’s lightweight, durable, and affordable. Plus, it’s easy to print on and can be cut to any size. But don’t be fooled by its lightweight appearance. Corrugated plastic is tough and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

That brings us to our next point – are yard signs weather-resistant? Yes! Corrugated plastic is waterproof and UV-resistant, meaning it won’t fade in the sun or get damaged in the rain. So go ahead and put up that “Vote for Pedro” sign in the pouring rain – it’ll be just fine.

Can you add grommets to yard signs?

But what if you want to make sure your sign stays put in windy conditions? That’s where grommets come in. 

Grommets are small metal rings that are added to the corners of the sign, allowing you to attach them to stakes or posts. Not all yard sign companies offer grommets, so be sure to ask if it’s something you need.

How long does it take to make a yard sign?

The answer varies depending on the quantity you need, but we can turn around a yard sign order in just a few days. We even offer rush options if you need your signs ASAP.

Just be sure to plan ahead so you have plenty of time to design and approve your sign before it goes into production. Our world-class customer service team can connect you with our graphic designers if you’re struggling with design, as well!

How long will a yard sign last?

As explained above, it depends on the type material and weather conditions. A well-maintained yard sign can last anywhere from a few months to a few years, or even up to a decade for aluminum or Alumacore. Just be sure to store it properly during the off-season (i.e., don’t leave it out in the sun all winter) and give it a good cleaning every now and then.

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