Considerations When Purchasing Stage Backdrops and Band Scrims

For bands and live performance artists, image is critical. When it comes to on-stage visuals, making a big impact should be top priority. At Northcoast Banners, we understand this truth. That’s why we’ve developed a range of products tailored specifically to bands and live performance artists.

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We create Stage Backdrops and Band Scrims from a large selection of substrates including:

  • Solid Vinyl
  • Vinyl Mesh
  • Dye Sublimated Poly Poplin

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All of our Stage Backdrops and Band Scrims express vibrant colors, are fire-retardant, and are finished to exacting standards. These are some of the reasons why our stage backdrops and band scrims are a regular sight at top venues across North America.

Purchasing a Stage Backdrop or Band Scrim is a big decision for many bands and live performance artists. Their stage backdrop is a critical component of their onstage image.

Budgetary Considerations When Purchasing Stage Backdrops and Band Scrims

The most common factors that impact the cost of your stage backdrops include:

  1. Size of the Backdrop
  2. The material and process being used to manufacture it

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Size Matters with Stage Backdrops and Band Scrims

When considering purchasing your stage backdrop, remember this: SIZE MATTERS!

The last thing you want is to show up at your venue with a lame, obviously undersized backdrop that has people squinting to see your logo image.

The next to last thing you want to happen is to show up at a small club with a huge oversized backdrop that is better suited for a stadium.

Having stated these obvious truths, some general guidelines for the size of your backdrop are as follows:

  • Small clubs and bars: 6′ (tall) by 8′(wide)
  • Larger clubs and smaller theaters: 8′ by 10′
  • Concert halls and outdoor venues: 10′ by 12′
  • Large Concert Halls, Arenas and Stadiums: Bigger is better! 12′ x 20′ backdrops are common. So too are 20′ x 40′

By combining our ability to print 16ft wide seamless banners with our material welding technology, NorthCoast Banners can make your banners and stage backdrops ANY SIZE.

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Popular Materials for Band Backdrops and Stage Scrims

13 Oz. Solid Vinyl

Solid vinyl has vibrant colors and display your graphics with tremendous fidelity. However, it is the heaviest option, averaging 13 ounces per square yard and it requires greater care to prevent wrinkling. We do not recommend solid vinyl for anything but very small banners, table banners and small merch banners and signs.

Vinyl Mesh

Another low-cost option, vinyl mesh is our most popular stage backdrop material. Vinyl mesh has audio transparency, meaning sound can pass through the material since it has a 70/30 weave. In addition, weighing approximately 9 ounces per square yard, it is relatively light weight. Vinyl mesh is easier to care for than vinyl.

After a decade of printing hundreds band backdrops and stage scrims for bands, we have determined that 70/30 vinyl mesh is the best material for most bands. 95 percent of our bands use vinyl mesh for their stage backdrops and band scrims. The material is low-gloss, it allows air and music to flow right through, and your logo and design colors look great.

Dye Sublimated Poly Poplin

At 5 oz per square yard, Dye Sublimated poly poplin has the highest print quality for printing on stage backdrops. This fabric is very durable and can be laundered without any concern of it losing its appeal.

However, Dye Sublimated Poly Poplin is more expensive than vinyl mesh – it’s usually about double the price. Unless your budget has enough room for an expensive banner, we recommend the vinyl mesh.

If do you have enough budget, Poly poplin is a stunning material and it has a very elegant look and feel and it is highly portable. It can easily be rolled and shipped. It is highly wrinkle resistant, and it easily fits stands, frames and structures. Dye Sublimated Poly Poplin is very durable and is a pleasure to work with.

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