Plastic Roll Banners

Plastic roll banners are the perfect solution for planners and advertisers looking to cover their event with a logo or branding message — on budget. They are multi-purpose — customers can cut the roll banners and distribute sections to visitors for use as a sun shade, mat, memento and wraps for kids.






Ways To Use Plastic Roll Banners

There are so many ways to make an massive impact for your brand or sponsor! Check out this handy checklist of ways you can use plastic roll banners at your events.

The Advantages of Plastic Roll Banners

  • Plastic Roll Banners offer an economical way to make a huge impact at all of your events.
  • How cool would it be to COMPLETELY COVER an event with your logo?
  • Plastic Roll Banners from NorthCoast Banners are the answer!

Plastic Roll Banners offer a spectacularly economical and effective way to communicate your marketing message at concerts, sporting events, radio station events, motor sports events, political rallies, and anywhere else groups of people gather. Printed on 4 mil or 6 mil low density polyethylene, they offer a great bang for your marketing buck and are easily recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Plastic Roll Banner Comparison

Flexographic Plastic Roll Banners

  • Plates Needed? Yes
  • Color Limitations: 8 color maximum
  • Roll Heights: 18”, 24”
  • Repeat Length: 36″ maximum repeat
  • Can they be perforated? Yes
  • Minimum Order: (6) 500 ft rolls
  • Turnaround time: 4 weeks

Digitally Printed Plastic Roll Banners

  • Plates Needed? No
  • Color Limitations No color limitations, design does not affect pricing
  • Roll Heights: 18”, 24”, 36”
  • Repeat Length No maximum repeat length
  • Can they be perforated? No
  • Minimum Order (1) 250 ft roll
  • Turnaround time 1 week

Features of Our Plastic Roll Banners

NorthCoast Banners’ technical capabilities are the envy of the industry. Not only can we print 6 SPOT COLOR roll banners, we can also print beautiful (110 line screen) 4 COLOR PROCESS roll banners. We are the only plastic roll banner printer in North America that can make – and stand by – this claim!

The most popular sizes for plastic roll banners are, in height: 18”, 24”, and 36”.

The repeat of your design will depend on the type of printing you choose, flexographic or digitally printed roll banners.

Keep scrolling below for the differences between flexographic roll banners and digitally printed roll banners.

What Type Of Art Design Do I Need For Roll Banners?

The artwork design you’ll need in your printed roll banner will help determine which type of printing method works best.

If your design is a simple logo, with spot colors, and no gradients – or very simple gradients – your roll banners will print beautifully on flexographic printing or digitally printed roll banners. Flexo printing, as you’ll see below, is more cost effective for higher quantities, so you should aim for a simple design if you are ordering more than one or two banner rolls.

However, if your artwork involves photographic imagery or highly detailed gradients and complex designs, your art will be suited for printing using our digital process.

Contact us today for more info on your order – our sales experts will be happy to help guide you on the right roll banners for your design.

Flexo Printed Roll Banners vs Digitally Printed Roll Banners

The specs listed above apply to flexographic printed plastic roll banners – this is a printing method that involves custom plates for your logo and graphics.

For orders that are 4 rolls or more (500’ per roll), flexographic printed plastic roll banners are often the best option. They are cost effective and will help you maximize your marketing dollars. This printing option comes with a four roll minimum size order, due to the labor intensive process of plate set up.

When you need just one roll of 250’ or 400’, however, our digitally printed plastic roll banner process is perfect for your smaller order. With our digital process, there are no plates so we can quickly print a beautiful roll banner without the larger, four roll minimums that flexo printing requires.

See the Flexo vs Digitally Printed Roll Banners comparison table below to determine what works best for you.

Or, contact us today and we’ll help guide you to the right roll banner purchase.

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