Individual Banners

Perforated roll banners are easy to tear off and hand out as individual banners.

The amazing thing about plastic roll banners is just how versatile they are. Northcoast Banners offers perforated plastic roll banners, meaning the plastic is pierced with tiny holes that make it easy to tear and share. Tear off banners can easily be distributed to participants as individual banners to serve any number of purposes.

What can you do with Individual Banners?

Individual Banners can be used as an interactive portion of an event. For fundraiser or memorial events, they can be used as canvasses for participants to write the names of whoever they are honoring or the group they are fundraising for. Plastic roll banners can also be written on and updated in real time throughout an event, in order to reflect fundraising goals and efforts.

Perforated banners can be used to show VIPs who have come to your event. Have VIPs sign the tear off banner, then display it! Individual banners can also be hung on the walls of businesses, schools, radio stations – anywhere where you’d want to proudly display a list of VIPs’ names or signatures.

Perforated plastic rolls banners allow participants or concertgoers to go home with a piece of the event. Mount it, frame it and put it on the wall – it’s a new and totally one of a kind piece of art and keepsake, completely unique to your event.

They can also be torn along their perforated lines and distributed to participants as a sort of “flag” or trophy – something for a team to pose with to commemorate participating in a game or event.

Individual Banners Are Versatile!

Individual banners can be perforated at various lengths. You can perforate between every image or every other image. That makes the possibilities endless! Cut at your designated perforation and voila – it’s a flag, it’s a mat, it’s a sun visor, it’s whatever you need it to be.

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