Outdoor Building Banners

Plastic roll banners are a cost effective temporary way to hang outdoor banners.

Do you have an indoor event that needs to be branded outside the building? Hanging outdoor building banners can help let people know where the event is happening. There are several options for outdoor banners, but if you’re looking for disposable banners for a one time event at a location, plastic roll banners make great outdoor building banners.

Perforated Banners for Outdoor Use

Perforations on your plastic roll banners can make them great exterior building banners. Perforations are tiny holes between the images that allow you to tear them apart – think of the way you can tear apart many paper towels. Perforations are generally done between each image, but can also be between alternating images, depending on the banners size.

Banners with perforations allow you to quickly separate single images from each other to hang on the outside of a building. If you need a row of repeating images, perforations may not be the best option for you. The perforations can be torn apart by the wind. However, non perforated banners can easily be separated by cutting them with household scissors. Whether you need single images or a row of repeated images, plastic roll banners are a great option for your outdoor building banners.

Easy to Hang Outdoor Building Banners

Plastic roll banners are easy to hang when you’re using them as exterior building banners. Plastic roll banners are lightweight, printed on a 4.5mil poly plastic, so you can hang them almost anywhere. Simply take the banners at the length of your choosing and easily tape, velcro, or use adhesive grommets to affix them to the outside of a building.

It’s easy to announce to the world what building your event is in with plastic roll banners as outdoor building banners! Inside the building, plastic roll banners can be placed strategically to direct your guests through the building to the location(s) at which your event is occurring.

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