Art Requirements for Printing Plastic Roll Banners Using Spot Colors

File Setup Intructions for Printing Plastic Roll Banners Using Spot Colors

Our main tool for manipulating vector files is Adobe Illustrator. We accept files from both Mac and PC platforms. We prefer the following application formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • FreeHand
  • InDesign
  • Corel Draw

Note: It is preferred that the files be saved in the original application format or in .pdf format – although we do accept eps files.

File Transfer / Upload Instructions

  1. Go to the NorthCoast Banners Upload Artwork form. It’s easy.
  2. E-mail (files under 5mb only) to
  3. Call us at 800-231-4213 with any file upload / transfer questions!


  • Set your file up for PMS color matching and specify all PMS colors to be used.
  • Whenever possible avoid gradients as pseudo 3D effects. Gradients seldom (if ever) create high quality 3D effects. Please contact us at 800-231-4213 if you have any questions concerning using gradients.

Size and Resolution

  • Document Set Up: Setup your document in proportion to your final output size.
  • Banner Repeat Sizes: Our maximum repeat size for plastic roll banners is 54″. We can print TWO spot colors at 54 inches. For up to (and including 4 spot colors) our maximum repeat is 36″. For up to (and including 6 spot colors) our maximum repeat is 29,x”.
  • Banner Web Widths: Our web widths for plastic roll banners are 18″, 24″, 30″ 36″, and 48″
  • Plastic Bag Sizes: Although we print many sizes of plastic bags, our most common sizes are 12″x15″ and 15″x18″
  • Embedding Raster Files: We highly recommend using vector-based artwork and text on larger graphics whenever possible for optimum results and easier file management. If raster-based photos or images are to be used within the vector artwork, the photos and images must be supplied with the application files. Please refer to the raster file guidelines below.
  • Raster Files – Sizing and Resolution:
    • Photo images, if manipulated, need to be saved at 300 dpi at full size
    • Scanned raster images need to be scanned and saved at 300 dpi at full size
  • Scaling Raster Files: When scaling your raster-based files, keep in mind each time we need to double the size of your artwork, the resolution drops proportionately. Call us at 800-231-4213 with any scaling questions!


  • Create outlines / convert to curves – HIGHLY PREFERRED over using fonts themselvesOR
  • Send us all fonts used in the file (if you must use fonts)

Live Area / Safe Area

  • Banners – Save 1/2 inch around the perimeter of the banner as a non-print area.
  • Bags – Save 1/2 inch at the bottom and the sides as a non-print area. From the top, save 3.5 inches as a non-print.



If you have questions on any of the above call 1-800-231-4213 and we’ll gladly guide you through the process.