Make your event stand out at festival

 8 Ways to Make Your Branding Stand Out at Events

Events are wild. Beer fests, food tastings, concerts, it doesn’t matter – people are bouncing around like dogs, having fun and doing their thing. Vendors have the potential to make a lot of money at these types of things – and in fact, nearly 80% of marketers use events to boost sales.

But the boost only happens if you’re standing out from the competition. Here, we provide a guide on how to ensure your brand’s visibility and memorability is the highest it possibly can be.

1. Choose the Right Banner Type

You gotta show off your brand properly and clearly – and the type of banner you use plays a vital role. 

  • Plastic Roll Banners: These versatile banners are cost-effective and can be used in multiple types of situations. Use them to line walkways or display key messages.
  • Feather Flags: These dynamic banners are eye-catching and help your booth stand out among the mass.

2. Create an Eye-Catching Design

It might sound obvious, but you want your banners to pop. And be consistent. Tailor each design to the specific banner format and purpose – whether it’s for attracting attention or displaying information.

3. Maximize Banner Placement

Nobody puts the banner in a corner! Strategic placement can make or break your branding efforts. Don’t be lazy, and consider what’s best to show patrons – entrances, high-traffic areas, key event attractions, etc.

4. Don’t Forget About Digital Banners

In addition to your big, beautiful physical banner, consider playing around with a digital banner – whether it’s something you display on a projector, a large TV, or something else. Get creative! 

5. Social Media Is Your BFF

Broadcast your event presence to your followers, and be sure to follow best practices like tagging and hashtags. Events are awesome opportunities to break out of your algorithm and tap into audiences that aren’t your own through reposts.

6. Consider a Giveaway

Give people a reason to visit your booth beyond your product or service. Consider a promotional giveaway – and as a bonus, you can collect contact data for future marketing efforts.

7. Partner with Influencers

Depending on the event and location, tap into local influencers with significant followers. Influencers tend to have a great direct connection with their followers and can push them to engage with your brand.

8. Host Interactive Activities

Beyond giveaways, make sure your booth is fun. Maybe offer a game or a contest or, heck, even just put up a little basketball hoop. People at events are looking to have fun – so let ‘em have it.

Make a Genuine Impact at Your Next Event

Successful event branding isn’t just about visibility – it’s about creating connection that lasts long after the event’s conclusion. Focus on making your brand memorable through bold banner designs, fun activities, and strategic social media. Start designing your banners today!  

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