PMS Plastic Roll Banners

PMS Values and Your Plastic Roll Banners

Pantone Color Wheel

When it comes to our plastic roll banners, we want to be sure that you’re getting the quality product that people have come to expect from NorthCoast Banners. For quality in printing, you have to start with color. This is why PMS values are so vitally important.

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, a system that standardizes colors in order to accurately reproduce them. This system guarantees that your colors look the way that you intended them to look. A design displayed on a computer screen and a design printed on material, whether poly, vinyl, paper or otherwise, are never going to look identical. In fact, the difference can often be quite dramatic. Using these values, or spot colors means your colors will match as exactly as possible.

Every Pantone color is assigned a number with which to identify it: its PMS value (PMS-261, for example). Each of these values is called a spot color. When printing your roll banner, we need each PMS value that you intend to use on your banners for the maximum amount of control over the end product. Defining the colors that you want in your final design with PMS values means that you’re choosing the exact shade of blue, or the exact hue of red that you’ll see on the final product.

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