Perforation of Plastic Roll Banners

An Education in Perforation of Plastic Roll Banners


When it comes to plastic roll banners, perforations mean options.

Perforations (a line of small punctures that allow you to easily tear and separate your images from one another) can give you an infinite amount more control over your banner’s use, both before, during and after your event. The capability to separate your banner means that you can pass out your logo or image to fans, crew members or guests as gifts or souvenirs.  You can also change the length of your banner on a whim or separate the images for individual use.

Perforated Banner

On the other hand, the lack of perforation on your banner could result in jagged, ragged, and uneven banner divisions. An un-perforated banner could also necessitate the need to bring scissors or knives with you to your event, which is both inconvenient as well as dangerous. Furthermore, bringing in knives or scissors is a very quick and efficient way to anger event security and cause a great deal of hassle.

A perforated plastic roll banner will ultimately make your life much easier: no hassle, no muss, no fuss! It’s that simple. We can perforate 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″ banners.

Your fans will love you. Your street team will love you. Concert security will love you. Give perforated plastic roll banners a try! You’ll never go back.

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