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How Plastic Roll Banners Optimize University Branding

When you think of Plastic Roll Banners, your mind might not immediately jump to Arizona State University (ASU). But maybe it should!

For the last five years in a row, Arizona State University has been named “the most innovative school in America. As such, the school is known for its programs, its online educational reach, and its emphasis on sustainability. But during this five year stretch of recognition, ASU has also maximized another asset: branding.

Read on to see how ASU has utilized Plastic Roll Banners to leverage their brand awareness and opportunities.

ASU-innovation-NorthCoast Banners
ASU is Ranked #1 for Innovation

Brand Awareness

As a Division-I school, football is a huge part of ASU life during the fall semester. This creates a great opportunity for tailgates and outdoor events from August through December.

Of the many ways that you can create effective brand awareness at large outdoor events, few are as cost effective as Plastic Roll Banners. At just $0.15 per banner, roll banners, also known as “tearaway banner,” can have a huge impact at any size event. And that’s without breaking the bank!

It’s especially important to keep your brand in focus in today’s hyper-distracted, phone-addicted consumer world. Thus roll banners that completely surround the event can be a real game-changer.

Arizona State-Tailgate Party-Plastic Roll Banners-NorthCoast Banners
Plastic Roll Banners at Sparky’s Touchdown Tailgate, Arizona State University

How ASU Uses Plastic Roll Banners

Arizona State University (ASU) uses roll banners to maintain a strong focus at every angle of Sparky’s Touchdown Tailgate. The event draws ASU alumni and their families, who come to support the school’s football team and reconnect with friends.

Plastic Roll Banners provide ASU with an efficient way to support their official sponsor and brand the event in a clean but ever-present way.

Co-Branding with Sponsors

As you can see in the the example of ASU’s tailgate event, the banners offer an opportunity for sponsor promotion.

ASU-plastic roll banners-NorthCoast Banners
Example of Co-Branding with Sponsor

Coco-Cola is one of the main sponsors of Sun Devil Athletics and ASU Football. The tearaway banners ASU designed for Sparky’s Touchdown Tailgate remind us of this partnership with cohesive co-branding.

The subtle repeat of the logos creates a memorable look without making attendees feel like they are being hit over the head with advertising.

Branding Benefits of Plastic Roll Banners

Behind the stage setup and around the venue, Plastic Roll Banners keep ASU’s branding clear and impactful, wherever the participants or onlookers may gaze.

Tailgate-Band-ASU-NorthCoast Banners
Plastic Banners Rolls Visible Behind Performers

Around concessions area, lines of guests keep focused on the brand and look and feel of the event, with roll banners lining the fencing.

Food Truck-ASU-banners-NorthCoast Banners
ASU Banners Create a Border Around the Concessions

Plastic Roll Banners also hide the bare, industrial look of barricades around the event, ensuring a cohesive and attractive experience. It’s also a handy way to disguise crowd control as an aesthetic of the event!

Because the ASU tailgate event is outdoors in a public area on campus, the banners serve dual roles. The banners designate the area for guests, who will feel like VIPs, but they also advertise the event to the tens of thousands of people attending the game.


Arizona State University is one of the largest schools in the world, and the most innovative in the country. As they continue to be industry leaders, we anticipate that others will continue to follow in their footsteps.

Seeing this example of the impact of Plastic Roll Banners, we hope you will consider ordering some for your next event!

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