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How Much Do Digitally Printed Plastic Roll Banners Cost?

If you’re looking for roll banners, you’re probably asking yourself “what do Roll Banners cost?” Digitally printed plastic roll banners may be the cost effective solution you’re looking for.

With different sizes available and art flexibility digitally printed plastic roll banners are the perfect choice for any event. Digitally Printed Plastic Roll Banners costs differ from flexographic roll banner options.

Read on to learn more about pricing and ordering options. 

What Are Digitally Printed Plastic Roll Banners?

These digitally printed banners are made of recyclable, polyethylene – a very thin plastic. They are lightweight and come rolled on a cardboard core for easy storage and use. They are perfect for events of all sizes, whether indoor or outdoor. The material is waterproof but sturdy, and you can recycle it when you’re done! 

The printing quality is fantastic, giving you vibrant, colorful options to promote your brand or logo. They can be used in long sheets to cover large areas, or cut individually and handed out. The applications are endless!

Why Are They Affordable?

Digitally Printed Roll Banners cost are very straightforward. It really just depends on the size of the banner and how many (number of rolls) are ordered. The minimum order is just one 250 foot roll. With a lower minimum order, Digital Roll Banners are much more affordable than Flexographic plastic roll banners, which come at a minimum of 2000 feet. 

Unlike other printing processes, when calculating your digitally printed roll banners cost, you don’t have to worry about pricing related to the art. Since the print is digital and not done with traditional plates, there is no plate fee or increased cost for additional colors or complex artworks/logos. Whatever your design is, the price is the same! Thus, digitally printed plastic roll banners are an incredibly affordable choice. 

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