SL 100 Stage Banners

How To Buy SL 100 Stage Banners

SL 100 Stage Banners
SL 100 Banners set up on a stage.

Now that you’ve locked in your stage rental for the festival or outdoor show, it’s time to think about your SL 100 stage banners. While buying mesh banners might seem like a simple task way down on your event to-do list, doing banners right can in fact be a make or break aspect of the event.

Here’s how ensure your banners are going to make the event a smashing success.

Design Your SL 100 Mesh Banners With Simplicity

Your stage banner design should be simple, easy to read, and fit well with your event’s aesthetic. If you have multiple sponsors and you need to display the logo for each and every one of them, try and space them out enough that they’re easy to read, or work with a graphic designer to display all the logos in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

What Size Banners Do You Need For SL 100 Stage Banners?

Here is the full specs on all sizes, for all the banners on the SL 100:

Stage Backdrop: 12′ 8″ x 23′ 6″

Left And Right Speaker Banners (Stage Scrims): 16′ x 6′

Stage Header (Top Banner):

Option 1 – 3′ 10″ x 24′

Option 2 – 3′ 10″ x 37′

With those sizes in mind, keep in mind that your stage company that you’re renting from may have special sizes that they will run with based on how they like to configure the stage. It’s always a good idea to check with them, and see what mesh banner sizes they recommend for that stage.

How Long Does It Take To Print My SL 100 Speaker Banners And Backdrop?

After producing festival banners for thousands of events across the US, the problem we see all too often is event planners waiting until the last minute to order their SL 100 mesh banners. That often results in the design being too rushed, added rush fees to the order due to production squeeze, and missing details in the banner order due to the hectic situation.

Your mesh stage speaker banners will be a tremendous investment in the visuals, the photos taken at the event and on social media, and the vibes across the event space. Plan ahead!

Production time is typically 6 – 7 business days, plus a few days ship time depending where you are located in North America. We can move faster on the production side, and rush fees are sometimes applicable, on a case by case basis.

Ideally, get in touch with your SL 100 banner printing company at least 3 weeks prior to the need-in-hands date, so you’ll have the time to ensure your banners look beautiful and arrive on time.

What Is The Best Material For SL 100 Speaker Banners?

The only material you should ever print your SL 100 stage banners is 70/30 vinyl mesh. The transparency of the material allows air, and music to flow through, which reduces the load and tension of the stage in high wind situations. From a safety standpoint, vinyl mesh is the best material for SL 100 stages.

All our 70/30 vinyl mesh banners for SL 100 stages come with reinforced hems all four sides, which strengthens the banner and improves the longevity and durability.

How To Hang Your SL 100 Mesh Banners

Hanging your stage banners is simple: as a standard add-on to all our stage banners, we install grommets every two feet, on all four sides, for free.

This will make it easy to attach the mesh banners to ropes, poles or rods that will hold them up. Regardless of how the stage trussing system is set up, the grommets will provide you with an easy way to hang your banners beautifully.

And that’s it! It only takes a few minutes to order mesh banners, but if done right they’ll provide your event with an added touch of professionalism and set the tone for your festival or event.

Contact us today for help with your next SL 100 stage banner project, we’ll be happy to help.

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